Latitude And Longitude Cuff Bracelet

$ 100.00

A modern and delicate twist on a classic Cuff Bracelet. Hand Formed Cuff Bracelet.  Choose between the Large Font or the Standard 1mm Font.  You can even add a message to the back too!  

Use this link to help you generate your Latitude And Longitude:  Latitude And Longitude Generator  Scroll down and enter in your address, state, or landmark into the *ADDRESS*, then click *GET COORDINATES* the Coordinates will appear at the bottom in *DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds)*.  Copy into the custom area.

You can also enter your address, state, or landmark directly and we will convert too!  


-14K Gold Filled 20 G

Length: 6" - Slightly Adjustable to Wrist

Tag Stamp: The Urban Smith Brand Authenticity

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