Latitude And Longitude Disc Necklace

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Disc Latitude And Longitude in Gold. Hand Formed 14K Gold Filled Disc Necklace. Suspended on a gorgeous 2mm x 1.6mm Flat Cable Chain.

Use this link to help you generate your Latitude And Longitude:  Latitude And Longitude Generator  Scroll down and enter in your address, state, or landmark into the *ADDRESS*, then click *GET COORDINATES* the Coordinates will appear at the bottom in *DMS (degrees, minutes, seconds)*.  Copy into the custom area, the excess seconds will be removed (see samples below).  

You can also enter your address, state, or landmark directly and we will convert too!  We do not recommend using the " seconds on the bar, but we can accomidate

Latitude And Longitude Layout Options Below:

40.12° N  74.57° W

37° 49' N   122° 28' W

37° 49' 11" N     122° 28' 41" W 

Examples For (The Golden Gate Bridge):
37° 49' 11.743" N     122° 28' 41.718" W 
Should Turn Into:
37° 49' N   122° 28' W  or   37° 49' 11" N     122° 28' 41" W 


Measurement: Nameplate Options

  • 5/8" Disc


  • Length: 16" Chain (See pull down for shorter or longer chain options)
  • Bar Pendant: Hand Formed Solid 14K Gold Filled Disc
  • Chain: 14K Gold Filled 2mmx1.6mm Flat Cable Chain
  • Clasp: 14K Gold Filled Spring Clasp
  • Processing Time: Please allow 3-5 days for processing of all custom items
  • This item is Hand Made in the USA, all components are made in the USA.

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