Free Form Stone Carving Class - Coming Soon!

If you have never cut a stone before, do not worry, you will learn it over the weekend. The Class includes 1 - 6 hour class.  Sundays 10:30 a.m. – 5:30 p.m.

Class will begin with choosing your stones and how you want your pendant to be set.  Once the stone is chosen you will begin by sketching your stone shape.  We have the Trim Saw for cutting stones, Flat Lap, and the 6 cylinder diamond car-bite faceting machine.

Learning how to free-form cabochons cutting, students will cut a diversity of both hard material (such as agate and jasper) and softer materials (such as marble and turquoise). You will learn to decide the shape of and pre-form a stone depending on the pattern or shape it has. You will learn to edge a stone to be able to set it the best way.  At the beginners class you will learn how to cut your first stone and may be leaving with the finished stone.

Students will be able to learn Stone Cutting on the Trim Saw, Flat Lapidary, and Free Form Faceting.

Students will be able to leave the class with a handcut stone necklace in 14K Gold Filled or Sterling Silver - 23" Chain, Claps, and stone materials are covered in the class cost.  If additional length or materials are desired an additional cost may be paid at the end of the class.

Students will be provided an Apron, Safety Glasses, Materials, and Handouts during class.  Please make sure to wear all hair pulled back and you may get a little messy so dress appropriately.

More information on dates coming soon!

To request information please email:

Class Cost - $225

one 3-hour class // $80 ($60 + $20 supply fee)   



Hand Stamping Class - Coming Soon!


Learn to stamp metal from the pro who started it all. Stamping master The Urban Smith teaches you the basics to start stamping on metal. This class covers the necessary tools and materials needed for this fun and addicting technique.  You’ll be learning the ropes as a novice metal-working jeweler on hand-printed pieces, that seem both trendy and classic.  Learn about proper spacing techniques, understand the different metal gauges and, best yet, get to know the right tools for you to continue this craft at home. More information on dates coming soon! To request information please email:


Class Cost:  $80

one 3-hour class // $80 ($60 + $20 supply fee)