$ 56.00

So, What's Your Sign?

Oh so fun!  Peep Through Kraft Envelope, with Hand Formed 14K Gold Filled Disc Necklace.  Necklace is suspended in card to create the perfect packaging and gift!

Suspended on a gorgeous 14K Gold Filled 2mmx1.6mm Flat Cable Chain.

Length: 16"

Disc Pendant:  1/2" 14K Gold Filled Disc

Chain: 14K Gold Filled 2mm x 1.6mm Flat Cable Chain

Clasp: 14K Gold Filled Spring Clasp

Processing Time: Please allow 3-5 days for processing of all custom items

This item is Hand Made in the USA, all components are made in the USA.

Your item will come packaged in a super cute and reusable muslin drawstring bag.  Perfect for presents or for keeping it fab.

What does 2015 have in store for you?  Check out refinery29's horoscope for your 2015 Year!  Your 2015 Horoscope, Revealed!

Sagittarius (November 22 — December 21)
Drop and give us 20. With cosmic coach Saturn officially parked in Sagittarius for the next three years, you are officially in boot camp. This is not a punishment, Archer — not by a long shot. To build the muscle, you have to do the reps. The end result will be mastery, confidence, and Marvel-superhero strength. You’ll also learn patience — never a strong suit for your restless sign. Fortunately, your ruler, Jupiter, will ensure that 2015 has plenty of excitement and adventure. With the jet-setting planet cruising through your ninth house of travel and global expansion until August 11, the world is your oyster. Collect those passport stamps, but do so with a purpose — like an international industry seminar or a long-weekend workshop. You could make a mint from a publishing project or entrepreneurial venture. Some Archers will work or study abroad for a semester. Jupiter moves on to your 10th house of career for a year on August 11. Hello, CEO. A challenging job could land in your lap, one that shuttles you into a prestigious leadership position and helps you build your cred. Influential men will have your back in the last quarter of 2015. While love could take a backseat to your ambitions, it doesn’t have to. Plan an international getaway with your sweetie before the fall. With Mars and Venus in your romance house from February 20 to March 17, you’ll catch an early dose of spring fever — and a second hit of that mojo during the lunar eclipse on September 27.

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